Terrell Sarver’s mission and message aligns with the words of Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations, “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”
Terrell Sarver educates audiences on the what, when, where, how, and why of credit and finance. As a financial literacy expert and business finance broker, he has helped individuals, churches, and businesses learn to build, retain or repair their credit scores and maximize their financial opportunities.
Terrell believes that credit and finance are the economic engines that affect everyone, and when people are informed and educated about finances, they have the tools to make decisions that will lead to their success, whether it is getting a loan, buying a home or starting a business. His presentations are appropriate for college students and young adults, young professionals and those overcoming addiction or incarceration working to regain their independence. He shares the keys to becoming credit worthy with his audiences and helps them develop action plans to build credit and reduce debt. He is certified through Neighbor Works Training Institute to provide housing and credit counseling, and is active in community development.
Terrell is the author of Be Your Own Credit Counselor and the managing editor of the men’s spiritual collaboration, Transformed, Powerful Stories of Eight Men Changed by the Hand of God.
As an ordained minister, he educates and advocates for a return of the strong male role model in families through his organization BeMen, Inc. offering spiritual, financial, emotional and physical resources for those seeking to live as true MEN.


Be Your Own Credit Counselor
Available as a Keynote or Workshop Length-1-2 Hours

Do you know who can see your credit score? Do you know everything that is included on it? What can you do to improve or repair your credit score? These questions and more are covered in Be Your Own Credit Counselor. Learn the ABC’s of establishing, maintaining and repairing your credit status and managing your money more effectively.

This presentation is ideal for:

• First time home buyers,

• Reentry or Men who struggled with drug addiction in the past

• Churches

• College students

This presentation provides an overview of credit management including; How credit bureaus work, how credit scores are calculated and misunderstood credit laws. The workshop option gives participants step-by-step guidance in determining, and building or repairing their credit score.

Small Business Loan Financing
Available as a Keynote or Workshop- Length 1-2 Hours

As a business owner, securing working capital can make or break your business. This presentation outlines the availability and types of loan products available to start ups and small businesses, how to obtain working capital, and why many small businesses are denied financing.

This presentation is ideal for ALL small business owners looking for working capital or business loans.

How to Use Your Book to Get Speaking Engagements
Available as a Keynote or Workshop Length-1-2 Hours

Did you know your book is a gateway to a speaking career? Establishing yourself as an expert and professional speaker means you can reach a broader audience while sharing your message and making an impact to educate, entertain or encourage. Once you are an author, it’s only a matter of implementing a few more steps to take your message from the printed page to the stage.

This presentation is geared to men interested in becoming a published author and professional speaker. Whether you are an author or aspire to be one, this presentation outlines the steps to establishing expert status, developing a target audience and leveraging a book into speaking engagements. The workshop option guides participants through creating their speaker platform, media kit and topics.

Be A Man First
Available as a Keynote Length 45-60 minutes

For those who have dealt with addictions or are in reentry, the future may not seem as bright as everyone tells them it will be. Many men don’t know what to do first and without a plan they may go right back where they were.

In this presentation, they will learn to set goals, get their finances in order, avoid people, places, and things that will get them off course, and learn to be successful alone first, without a woman!