What Kind of Shape Are YOU In?

Keynote, Motivation 30-45 minutes

Mr. Basketball, MVP and Pro Basketball Player Ray Tolbert asks the tough questions and shares his story of getting into the best shape of his life.

Ideal for small business functions, IU fan events, and churches, Ray addresses the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life; how he found himself out of shape, the moment it triggered his awareness, and the things he had to do to get it back.

Discipline – Are you willing to do what it takes?
Keynote, Conference wrap-up 30-45 minutes

Do you what it takes to be disciplined?
Ray shares his techniques for staying motivated by identifying and gravitating towards positive people. Audiences will learn his tips for maintaining a winning attitude always, which includes concentrating on strengths and improving on your weaknesses and to ultimately win the crown of life. This presentation is ideal for young athletes, high schools, businesses, churches and associations as a keynote or event wrap up.