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James Payne - BeMen




Although third in the line of James Paynes, he tops the charts at Number #1 when it comes to his enthusiasm for serving others.

It shows up in his skills and experience in hospitality gleaned from Disney Institute training, a Hospitality Certification from IUPUI’s Hospitality and Tourism Department, and working Indianapolis’ showcase events such as Super Bowl XLVI, Indianapolis Colts, ExactTarget, Major League Baseball National Non-For Profit, and the Indianapolis Airport. It’s no surprise that James has even appeared on “Mike & Mike”, ESPN Sports Show training Indianapolis Colts rookies on etiquette and grooming.

You may have caught him in an episode of Parks & Recreation, The Agent, or in a men’s fashion ad.

When he’s not teaching others how to serve people, James enjoys mentoring with EDGE mentoring, an organization that sharpens the influence and impact of emerging leaders, professionally and spiritually. Faith, Family and Fun is how James prioritizes life.


Whether you are preparing for a professional interview, or professionally representing your team or organization, basic etiquette skills will boost your confidence and instantly set you above the competition. Learn what’s expected and appropriate in various social and professional situations and emerge as the most confident person in the room.


Do your truly know what your guests experience? James shares his expertise from the other side of the counter as a concierge and hospitality professional with techniques and tips to raise your guest’s encounter from standard to outstanding.


“I was so greatly privileged to hear your talk about breaking my box at IUPUI. It was truly inspiring and life changing. Thank you so much for your time!”- Ashish C. (University Student)”

“James Payne (JP) is one of the most outstanding speakers I have ever encountered in my life. His speech is energetic, witty, thought-provoking, and full of sense of humor. I like the way that he interacts with the audience and keeps them fully engaged. With James talking, you will never be bored! JP is such a down-to-earth guy that you will like him the first time when you see him. He has the magic to make any encounter a pleasant meaningful experience. It was my honor to sit in one of JP’s speaker events. He is one of a kind, and I highly recommend!- (Iris H.W.,MBA/MSA, Kelley School of Business, Indianapolis)

“..Speech can be powerful but only few can give goosebumps, it was truly a priceless lesson.”- Mike H. (Vice President, IUPUI International Club Indiana University Kelley School of Business)

“The event is “sold out”! Your presence really helped me sell the event… so, thank you!- Larry J. (Faculty, Indiana University ~ Purdue University Indianapolis, School of Physical Education and Tourism Management)

“I enjoyed reading about you in the Indianapolis Star. I’m glad the team is sensitive to such details of life. And the Colts certainly found the right person to help the players.”- Eric H. (Indianapolis Colts Fan)

“The Colts have always, since I’ve been here, done a really good job of preparing guys for transitioning in from the day we draft our guys,” said David Thornton, director of player engagement, Monday afternoon at Lucas Estate.

Rookies, who all sat at a table set for an upscale dinner, spent about an hour Monday learning proper dining manners and courtesies from James Payne of James Payne Concierge, the corporate concierge team for the Colts. He also discussed having the proper attitude to represent the Colts organization when dining out in public.- (Kelly Wilkinson, IndyStar)

“He goes above and beyond to meet the needs of the organization by developing or explaining business solutions for the customer. James has a unique ability to network with anyone on the team. He is a very multi-dimensional individual. Each encounter is not only successful but also very genuine. James is a true example of community relations. He has a distinct ability to guide professionals to business solutions with similar ethics and integrity. James has great interpersonal skills, is very energetic, always eager and willing to help, is upbeat and has fun, all while tackling tough projects. People enjoy working with him and they know when they work with him they are on a winning team.“- (Donetta Gee-Weiler, RN, BSN, Vice President, Women’s and Children’s Services Community Health Network)