Candid, yet encouraging, Jamal Christmas’ message is one of overcoming limitations and finding power and positivity through a stronger spiritual life. As he shares in his message, once you have connection with God, you can be Superhuman.

You are Superhuman
Available as a keynote or workshop – (50 – 80 minutes )

Start to free yourself from the Kryptonite of unwanted limitations brought on by the negative/positive experiences of your past. Find out what it really means to be created in God’s image and how to begin intentionally living from that power.

Jamal shares his experiences and insights he gained once he began to surrender to the possibility that who he was in God was a being of tremendous capabilities and experiencing his true heritage as a son of God, correcting the religious concept he held about God, and embracing these amazing revelations, leading to a deeper truth from Spirit within and ultimately, transforming all aspects of his life.

Main points of presentation:

• Understanding who/what God is

• Understanding who you are in God

• Working the principles of spiritual power

This presentation is ideal for:

• Evolving Christians

• The spiritually conscious person (one searching for spiritual truth)

• The person ready to live their life with their God given dominion and authority

• Those courageous seekers who aim to be more authentic in every area of life

Having a good grasp on these concepts will totally revolutionize your whole Christian/Spiritual experience. When you truly understand what God is and who you are in connection with that truth, then being able to truly access the life you and God desire will become more than a fictional story created for one’s entertainment.

A quote from a song God gave Jamal, SUPERNOVA:

“Close your eyes, let me through I’m going to see for you now, we’re going to go where you won’t, hold me now, hold me close. Close your eyes see within, we’ve been here far too long, what’s outside must go now, what’s inside must show now…”

Jamal’s presentation includes his first hand experiences:

• What it feels like to be weakened from the limited view he held about God.

• What it’s like to be caught up in a force of thinking that seems so relentless, feeling trapped inside its grip.

• When I began to surrender to the possibility that who he was in God was a being of tremendous capabilities, and started to experience a true heritage as a son of God .

• When I started to correct the religious concept I held about God, deeper truth from Spirit began to awaken within me.

• When I started to embrace these amazing revelations about who I was and about who God is, then all aspects of my life transformed.

Here’s what people are saying about Jamal & LaShaundra Christmas:

Pastor Joyce- Senior Pastor of Rise Above It All Ministries
” Jamal & LaShaundra truly train to live the life they write and coach about. They strive to walk in love, forgiveness and peace in all areas of their life. I respect and admire their diligence.”

-David Latendresse- Spiritual Activist
“The moment I met Jamal and LaShaundra I recognized their loving, healing presence and was moved to know them. Jamal is a king among men and holds a unique place/space in my life/heart as he has grown to be a friend that I trust to authentically and inspirationally show up in exchanging truthful spiritual counsels with. LaShaundra has consistently shown herself to embody a rare core true femininity presence that I can also trust and depend on. She is a model for women on a spiritual path to learn from and emulate.”

-Kathy L Ware- Retired US Military
“Pastor Jamal and his wife Lashaundra are two very few people that I’ve experienced who has aided in my personal growth and development. They truly have been a motivation and inspiration in my life.”