What Are You Willing to Lay Down?



The temperatures are warming, flowers are blooming and many trees are already starting to turn green. We all get a boost of energy and renewed liveliness from it.

Spring is also the reminder of the basis of our faith: Easter. The sacrifice, the redemption and the resurrection. This season challenges me with the question, “What am I willing to lay down?”


Busyness? Social Media? Anxiety, worry or fear? That push for one more client or big deal?

This month is a whirlwind of speaking engagements, managing the final steps of bringing eight authors together in a very exciting collaboration, family events and oh yeah, I need to run my business too. Easter reminds me that none of my works compare to the gift of grace.

Being busy can be a distraction – sometimes we push so hard that we suddenly wonder why me? when a challenge appears. Many times, those challenges have shown me that I allowed my works to trump the work of my heavenly father.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t be motivated and begin each day with goals to accomplish and challenges to overcome. Yet many of us feel frustrated when something comes up that changes our day, whether it’s a call from a hurting friend that takes your time or a flat tire that keeps you from making a meeting. If you’ve started to mutter why me? perhaps it’s a sign to check yourself and check in with God. He may be asking, “what are you willing to lay down?”

Terrell Sarver is an author, speaker and founder of BeMen Inc. BeMen Inc. encourages men to follow the new testament blue print for life success through mentorship, encouragement, accountability and community. The mission: Empower men to love God, to be a leader in their homes, communities, local churches, careers and businesses while being strong, courageous, and living a life pleasing to God. BeMen offers spiritual, financial, emotional and physical resources for those seeking to live as true MEN.