The Power of Your Story

Are you afraid to be transparent?

Dirty laundry – we were taught not to tell others about things that went on behind closed doors. As we grew up and encountered situations we didn’t know how to process, we assumed that was also dirty laundry and we should just keep quiet about it.

And while we didn’t tell anyone about those experiences, they shaped the way we live: secrets and shame holding us back from being transparent. We can’t appear broken or flawed. As we grew into adults, it was even more important that we present a façade that hid our flaws. After all, we wanted to be seen as strong and successful.

Serve your audience

But I have a question for you: who does it serve?

The power of your story can be incredible. It can reach a young man struggling to make sense of his direction in life, his choices and future. A young man without a role model in his life is looking for answers anywhere he can find it. Often, the answers come from others far too willing to lure them down the wrong path, to join them in their poor choices and bad habits.

Standing up and being a man means operating in truth, humility and transparency.

Proverbs 18:21 tells us, “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”

Your story also has the power of life. Those who share their stories often find tremendous healing for themselves as well as those they share it with. As you consider your message, I encourage you to keep transparency in mind. When we go beyond the sound bite and share our truth, good and bad, dirty laundry and all, the shame dissolves and a connection is made with those you share with.

There is someone right now hurting and in need of hearing your story of overcoming rejection, shame, poor choices, loss or abuse. Start sharing in the name of transparency and honesty. While you don’t have to share every detail, your story has the power to make a connection. Your audience, whether reader or listener, will suddenly become more engaged in your message. The next time you are hesitant to leave out the circumstances of your struggles, remember, God wants to use your story.


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