Four Strategies to Strengthen Your Message


It’s a piece of advice that we hear often, but do we use it? Whether you are painting a room, preparing your taxes or shopping for groceries, it starts with a vision of how things will be when completed.

It may not seem like much to buy groceries or pick out a paint color, and even though we do those types of things, envisioning the result, there are plenty of other times where we jump in, not knowing where we will end up.


Maybe you will, maybe God will make your path clear – but think of your vision as the blueprint for your success. This also applies to reaching others to encourage, instruct and motivate. Having that vision is vital when it comes to your message – whether in writing or speaking.

Here are four strategies to help you from vision to fruition:

1) Begin with the END in mind – why are you writing or speaking? What is the message you are sharing? A great exercise as you write is to write your back cover copy first – there’s limited space on the back of a book so you’ll need to be clear – who is it for, what will you share, how will they be changed?

2) Know WHO you are writing or speaking to. We like to think our message is so good that everybody will benefit. However, narrowing your focus to that one soul that is waiting to hear a message through you amplifies your effort.

3) Know WHAT problem you are solving – are you helping others understand finances, gain confidence, or encouraging someone not to give up? Then focus on that message. Don’t mix in extra noise or mind clutter. One problem/One solution is a great formula for getting to the heart of the matter quickly and helping your audience find the answers they are seeking.

4) Commit: No vision comes to fruition without commitment. Just like the room isn’t going to paint itself just because you’ve chosen a color; your book, your message, doesn’t impact anyone else if it stays in your head. Commit to write on schedule until you’ve completed your work, commit to practicing your presentation so it becomes as natural as breathing, commit to revisiting your vision and correcting your course along the way.


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