A Twist on Taxes


I know we often groan when it comes to talking about taxes, but have you considered that something as mundane as paying taxes can be a powerful testimony to others?

The mission of BeMen is to empower men to love God, be a leader in their homes, communities, local churches, careers and businesses. One way that we lead is by modeling right behavior and operating in integrity in our daily business dealings. In last week’s blog, I wrote about tax tips for professional speakers. This week, I offer what might be a rather unique perspective on paying taxes.


“I like to pay taxes. With them, I buy civilization.”- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Since I work in the finance area, this topic comes up often. I realize I can join the chorus of complainers, or I can point out that paying taxes means your business is generating revenue, contributing to the economy and providing a product or service that people actually value. This doesn’t mean that I get up every day and say Yay I get to pay taxes! but it is a strong test of my perspective on leadership and integrity. Imagine how different the conversation would be when talking to a prospect or client about taxes in a cheerful manner? It would certainly get someone’s attention.

Being responsible, accountable, and a leader shows up in many forms. Establishing fair prices, treating each client or customer with respect, and modeling positive behavior attract others to you. When you are operating in integrity people notice, and more people will want to do business with you when they know that you are honest and trustworthy. And yes, that means even paying your taxes.

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Terrell Sarver is an author, speaker and founder of BeMen Inc. BeMen Inc. encourages men to follow the new testament blue print for life success through mentorship, encouragement, accountability and community. The mission: Empower men to love God, to be a leader in their homes, communities, local churches, careers and businesses while being strong, courageous, and living a life pleasing to God. BeMen offers spiritual, financial, emotional and physical resources for those seeking to live as true MEN.